accommodation in Děčín

The town of Děčín is situated on both banks of the Elbe. Its dominant feature is the castle of Děčín, which looks as if it grew on top of the rocks. However, you can also find the Shepherd’s Wall, the popular zoo, or the Sněžník lookout tower. Miroslav Tyrš, a native of Děčín, is also important. Each of us certainly knows him. He was responsible for the founding of the falcon and fought all his life for the movement of physical education unity in Bohemia. He really set the nation in motion.

Why visit Děčín?

Děčín itself is a very picturesque town. There are outdoor and children’s playgrounds, restaurants with good refreshments and smiling service. There is something for everyone. You can spend a pleasant afternoon walking around the city or you can visit the local zoo, where you can see 150 species of animals. It is smaller, but probably one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. It specializes in breeding rare animals that you won’t see elsewhere. A separate landmark belonging to the zoo is the Paradise Islands exhibit, which includes a huge marine aquarium full of rare species. Paradise Islands is conceived as a cruise around the world, where you will get to know the world on the seabed.

In Děčín, however, the castle is also worth a visit, or you can try climbing the Ferrata on the Shepherd’s Wall.

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Via Ferrata Dangerous

It is the first Czech Via Ferrata in the city centre. You can find it in Děčín. The route is about 150 m long. You can climb the wall from the river to the top. The entrance is from the Elbe coast. There are 4 routes marked B to D+. These are of varying difficulty. The easiest one is said to be manageable even for a 10-year-old child. However, the ascent is at your own risk. You can climb the wall on your own or arrange with a guide. However, it is necessary to have your own equipment, some experience and it must be dry.

There is a 12 m long rope bridge at a height of 60 m. It again offers unusual views of the castle, the Elbe River and the city itself.

Lookout tower Sněžník

Stone lookout on the very top of the highest table mountain in our country. It is 33 m high, so you can climb 153 steps to it and it is currently several years after reconstruction. It is safe, accessible all year round and in good visibility you can see not only the Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains, but you can also see up to Sokolí vrch.

The place is also known as the Wind Spa. Why is it so? There are several thermal streams mixing on the top and some of them are coming from the North Sea.

Czech Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland is a national park of the Czech Republic and it has always been a very popular place. It is also not surprising. The famous Pravčická Gate is simply breathtaking. It is the largest rock bridge in Europe. You will also find the Falcon’s Nest Chateau with its original decoration of wooden walls and ceilings.

From this entrance, there are many trails leading to all kinds of viewpoints such as Mary’s Rock, Rudolf’s Stone and others. After the Great Fire, some of them are closed, but there are still plenty of them left to go and enjoy the wonderful views.

Pravčická brána

The symbol of Bohemian Switzerland is undoubtedly the largest rock bridge in Europe, the Pravčická Gate. It is made of sandstone and it is a real giant. It is 26.5 m long and 16 m high. The sandstone dates back to the Mesozoic era, which has a lower strength, and because it has been battered by the weather for centuries, there is a risk of partial erosion. Therefore, there is a strict ban on access to the upper part of the gate. It is a protected natural formation.

The gate serves as an entrance to this area, where there is also the well-preserved Falcon’s Nest Chateau from 1881 and a tourist centre. There are also viewpoints in the area from which you can observe the adjacent natural formations. It is also a starting point for various marked hiking trails. The gate can be easily reached from the adjacent Hřensko along the red trail.

Pravčická Gate was affected by a large fire, but today it is accessible again.

Zámek Děčín

An indelible sign of the town of Decin is its castle. It is one of the oldest monuments in the Czech Republic. The first mention can be traced back to the 10th century. The building has been visited by many important personalities. Let’s mention the Empress Sissi, who met her first monarch

composer Fryderyk Chopin, famous for his Děčín Waltz, or František Palacký, who studied here in the largest library in Bohemia.

A path called the Long Ride will take you to the castle, which is not seen anywhere else. A significant part of it leads through the rock and the total length reaches 292 m. That’s a spectacular driveway. The Rose Garden is also magnificent, and historically the chateau is associated with the splendour of plants and flowers. Real gems have bloomed here, such as Victoria Royal. The castle flourished especially during the Thun dynasty, who rebuilt it in the Baroque-Classical style. They owned it until 1932. Then they sold it through financial difficulties.