A holiday in Bohemian Switzerland is a safe bet. You will always find beautiful nature, nice people, good food and great cosy accommodation. You can spend beautiful days here and it doesn’t always have to be drenched in sunshine. Even so, you will take away many great memories. And that’s what every holiday, or even a small trip, is all about. Seeing a new landscape, enjoying the beauty of the mother country, tasting the local cuisine and spending time with loved ones.

Why Czech Switzerland?

Bohemian Switzerland is a national park of the Czech Republic and it has always been a very popular place. It is also not surprising. The famous Pravčická Gate is simply breathtaking. It is the largest rock bridge in Europe. You will also find the Falcon’s Nest Chateau with its original decoration of wooden walls and ceilings. From this entrance, there are many trails leading to all kinds of viewpoints such as Mary’s Rock, Rudolf’s Stone and others. After the Great Fire, some of them are closed, but there are still plenty of them left to go and enjoy the wonderful views.

Mobilheim Viciberg is on the very edge of Bohemian Switzerland, so it’s ideally located for adventure.

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Pravčická brána

The symbol of Bohemian Switzerland is undoubtedly the largest rock bridge in Europe, the Pravčická Gate. It is made of sandstone and it is a real giant. It is 26.5 m long and 16 m high. The sandstone dates back to the Mesozoic era, which has a lower strength, and because it has been battered by the weather for centuries, there is a risk of partial erosion. Therefore, there is a strict ban on access to the upper part of the gate. It is a protected natural formation.

The gate serves as an entrance to this area, where there is also the well-preserved Falcon’s Nest Chateau from 1881 and a tourist centre. There are also viewpoints in the area from which you can observe the adjacent natural formations. It is also a starting point for various marked hiking trails. The gate can be easily reached from the adjacent Hřensko along the red trail.

Pravčická Gate was affected by a large fire, but today it is accessible again.

popular route

One of the most popular hiking trails is undoubtedly the Gabrielina Trail. It connects the Pravčická Gate with Mezní Louka. The whole route will take you about 3 hours of your time. It is red marked and can be done by all ages, adults and children. On the trail, which dates back to the 19th century, you will pass many natural beauties. It follows the contours and you will see for example the May Tower, the Chinese Wall and the Pravčická Needles. From this route you will also see the beautiful Rose Mountains.

The Gabrielina Trail was also affected by a devastating fire. It is currently being restored.

The kitchen was and always will be the heart of the home. This is also true on holiday. Only with a full stomach will you be truly satisfied and well adjusted. Cook the meals you are used to, but don’t forget to sample the cuisine in the restaurants of Decin. We will be happy to advise you where to go for a delicious lunch.

Růžový vrch

Locals sometimes call the hill Růžák. It is a layered basalt hill and it got its name from the village of Růžová, which lies just below it. During your walk you will pass through dense forests and woods. A real feast for the eyes. In the past, there was also a chapel of the Virgin Mary and a restaurant on the very top. Today, only a wooden cross remains.

An interesting fact is that in several places there are so-called ice holes, which are so well situated and hidden that they hold snow until summer. Such a natural miracle. That is also why this area is protected. A nature trail full of historical information leads through it and takes tourists to Dolský Mill.

Dolský mlýn

Dolský mlýnIn the canyon of the Kamenice River lies the ruins of Dolský mlýn. Only the torso of the outer walls is still standing, but the mill is still firmly connected to the site. It has a dark past, or so says the legend associated with this place. Hundreds of years ago, when the mill wheel was still turning and the water was still flowing, a miller and a maid lived here.

One day they robbed and killed a traveller. Only the next day did they discover that it was their own son, who had once gone out into the world for experience and was now returning home. The grief was too great, so the miller hanged himself and the woman jumped into the embankment and drowned. Since those days the ghost of the son can be seen wandering around.

This legend gives the place a mysterious air, which is why it is so sought after. The mill used to grind grain, but after the river closed, the inhabitants had to switch to brewing beer. Later, with the boom in tourism, the building became an inn. However, after the Second World War the mill was abandoned and gradually fell into disrepair. You can get here either from Jetřichovice or from Vysoké Lípa. The interesting surroundings and natural scenery have enchanted many directors. Several Czech fairy tales such as The Proud Princess, Hell with the Princess, The Devil’s Bride, The True Knight and The Lost Prince were filmed here.